We have 2 dogs, Nika and Weewee. Nika will probably be the first thing you meet when you arrive, so she doesn’t really need any introduction! Or if you arrive late she can usually be found sleeping next to the warm fire. Both dogs are really friendly and if you throw a stick for Nika you will become her new best friend instantly.

We also have 3 cats, Smokey, Mac and Mavis. They are very friendly and like to explore the area. Also you will see our chickens. They are free range during the day and might come and visit you. They are all quite tame and friendly.

Our Kune Kune pigs

Kune Kune pigs are a small breed of pig which were originally kept by the Maoris in New Zealand. Their name is pronounced cooney cooney, which means "fat and round" in Māori. We have 2 adorable female Kune Kune pigs which were born in winter 2010. We have found that they are excellent pets and have integrated well with our other animals. They are naturally friendly and affectionate and enjoy our company (and that of anyone else that visits). They try to communicate with us and come to us when called. Like all Kune Kunes they have a very good temperament and are gentle and extremely easy to handle - ready to roll over for a back scratch with gruntings of delight.